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Schwaz silver mine

The history of the Schwaz silver mine in Tyrol

„Swatz ist aller perckhwerck muater zwar
Davon nert sych ayn gar gross schar
Ob treyssygh taussent, hab ich recht behalten
Von mannen, frauen, yungh und altn.“

(Schwaz is all mine mother
Although it is fed a great crowd
at 30,000 I got it right to keep,
for men, women, young and old).

(Tiroler Landreim by Georg Rösch, 1558)

Experience the world of mining

Schwaz was the mining centre of Europe in the Middle Ages. Around 85% of the silver produced worldwide came from Schwaz and made the city the largest mining metropolis in the world at its heyday around 1500, and Tyrol became one of the richest countries in Europe. The great trading families became so influential that they dictated Europe's politics and the new world's discoveries with Schwaz silver.

Schwaz silver mine

Find out more about the history of Schwaz mining and silver mining:

Schwaz silver mine

Mining with a long history – the silver mine in Schwaz in Tyrol

Visit the silver mine in Schwaz, walk in "silver footsteps" and learn everything about silver, ore and white gold!

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